3D modeling

3D modeling or 3D designing has been a primary function at Muotop Design Studio from year 1996 on. We have made hundreds of 3D models for companies in plastic, metal and electronic industry. And not just for companies, but also for private persons. And the costs of 3D modeling are -at least in Our Enterprise- quite modest. An average cost of a 3D model in somewhere between 400 and 600 euros, sometimes just a couple of tens of euros. Due complexity in various modelings, there is no ready pricelist to show, but please make contact and We will make an estimae or an offer for You.



hiihtosauvan kahva

Before such phororealistic images can be presented, following steps may have been taken.

kahva vaiheet

On the left a quick mock-up (of intermediate density modelmaking material), in the middle show- and testpiece out of PVC and on the right the final mold injected product. The mock-up approved by the client is used to get all the data for 3D modeling.


kahva mallinnus

The basic shape of a skiing grip is achieved by arcs in proper sequense to each other on wich the form is created. Various holes are made by templates that remove material from the basic shape. After that tapering, blending and other methods are used to finalize the modeling. Once the form is made to a certain step, it can be presented to the Client as photorealistic pictures, sliced pictures if needed, picture with measures or as a 3D picture in such format, the Client can operate. If modifications are needed, they will be carried out and the file is ready for Rapid Prototyping or for a Moldmaker. File created is in format .prt and it can be exported to various other formats better suitable for manufacturers. Please see the available export formats at the bottom of this page.


3D modeling using the plans of a Customer

If You have a ready-planned product that only needs 3D modeling Muotop is the place to turn to. All We need is a picture with certain amount of measures (when the object is quite straight-forward) or a mock-up, if the object is more complicated.


uistin hahmomalli

For example a lure made by a Customer. This mock-up was used for making a mold to make elastic lures. Once the lures were found ok all We needed was a sample to create the 3D file. This original mock-up is a better subject for taking measures than an elastic one since the form is steady.


uistimen mallinnus

As in Grip for Skiing pole, also here arcs at certain sequense are being used. The Tail on the other hand is made out of flat element that is united to the basic shape.


uistin valmis

Ready elastic part of the lure.


Changing an existing part

Sometimes a modification to an existing part is needed. If the modification is small enough and it can be carried out in terms of mold structure, it is possible to make modifications to the existing mold instead of making a whole new mold. If the original 3D file can be used, Muotop can in many cases make modifications to that. If the file format is not suitable for modification, it may still be used as a basis for 3D modeling. Sometimes, however, the original 3D file is nowhere to be found or it may not be available. Even that won´t be a broblem, since We can use a manufactured object to take measures from.


korkki alkuperäinen

In this case, there was an existing cork for a vessel to hold harmful substance. There was a need to enhance the usability and a child safety issues. Since the original 3D file was not available, an existing cork was measured (by slicing the cork it is easier to measure the inside of cork and find out the wall thicknesses)...


korkin mallinnus

...and with these measures the 3D model was created and the desired modifications were carried out. With this model the existing mold was modified and a whole new mold was not needed.


The modeling method We use is solid modeling and these are the file formats We can export:

If You want to operate a 3D model on Your own screen, it can be easily achieved using the PDF3D -format We can send You. All You need is free Adobe Reader installed on Your computer. Other 3D readers can be used too, for example eDrawings. By using this kind of interactivity, costs can be cut and good understanding to be achieved on the project at hand.

We can import files in following formats. In many cases We are also able to modify them: