Industrial Design


Sometimes You´ll see a fine looking object, but the usability of it leaves something to desire. There are also products that works just as they should, but at the same time they look quite awkward. These are the conditions We want Our customers to be spared. This could perhaps best put in phrase: Towards the ideal form thru the best functionality. Objects created at Muotop are not unique items and they are not sculptures. The objects created here are supposed in many cases to be produced in vast quantities and that leads undeniably to matters like saving material via structural optimizing, ease of assembly or ways to find more simple solutions to replace more complicated old ones. And all this should be achieved without ill visual effects. "Boring" could one say: perhaps. "tiresome": maybe. "Senseless": Never! We never suggest hypothetic assumptions with marginal possibilities to be realized to Our Clients. We do not use our Clients money to test some new methods. We do Industrial Design the dependable way. And -so happens- the result can be considered art.


Floorball blade "Delta Carbon".



Quick locks of telescopic Trekking Pole.



Suspension Tip of Roller Skiing Pole.


rotor pallo

Floorball "Rotor"