"Good Old Modelmaking" is still going strong. New ingredient to it is the all-increasing rapid prototyping boom and that can be used in scale models build by us too, if certain asset can be achieved. But modelmaking is much more than that. At Our workshop one actually uses turning wheels, lathes and grinders. Parts are being glued together and painted with sprayguns. Different materials are being maschined and connected together to obtain best results. Depending on the level of finishing, some traces of workmanship may be seen, too. There might be functional features, sections that are cut open or parts that can be removed to reveal some inner structures and lights to better point out important features. Scale models can be made more simple than the real thing or it can faithfully replicate everything it stands for. People can say what ever, but there is no explanation, picture on even 3D model that can be as persceptive as a good scale model. It is something concrete, it really exists.



Fibre flow drum. Length 1500mm, wooden platform with transport casing can be attached to. Materials: Stainles steel, ABS, PVC, modelmaking material (Necuron), steel rod ao. Sections are cut open to better see the inner structures of the maschine. Lights inside.



Vehicle on tracks "Bandvagn". Inner parts visible at front part of the vehicle. Length 400mm. Includes showcase and transport box. Materials: ABS, PMMA, PC, modelmaking material (Necuron) , steel rod ao.



Steam dryer drum. Functional scale model with drum rotating by electric motor hidden in basic structures. One sector of drying pipe-elements can be removed via detachable sector at front end. Measures of this scale model: 1700x640x730(height)mm. Weight abt. 60kg. Materials: MDF (basis of the maschine), PVC, PMMA, PC, aluminium and steel rods ao.