It seems to be a common belief, that prototypes are being made as rapid prototypes nowadays. Muotop makes many files for rapid prototypes and the trend is in full growth. But yet there are cases, when handmade prototype are still usable, and in some cases the only way. Practical size of a rapid prototype is abt. 30cm. If a prototype of a bicycle or a chair is to be made, they will be made by hand. Even some smaller prototypes are sometimes more practical made by hand. One must not forget, that before rapid prototype can be made, a 3D file must be created first and both of them costs money. If one only wants to see how some idea works in real life or only one product is needed to show at a fair, handmade prototype is more affordable that a rapid prototype.



Receipt writer prototype for a bottle return automat.



Inside of a minibus. Mock-ups to take molds form and a ready made bus interior.



Gate guard for alpine ski pole, modelmaking material (Necuron) semi-density.